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New York City Vacation

Took this picture on top of the Empire State Building. It was freezing balls up there.

Took this picture on top of the Empire State Building. It was freezing balls up there.

So, I’m finally back from my first trip from the Big Apple!!! Traveling from to coast to coast was nothing more than just pure bliss. There was a sharp contrast from Los Angeles and New York City. May I say… every time I saw or spell out “New York City,” I can’t help but to think of that commercial that ran in the 90’s where a bunch of cowboys sat next to the fire eating something and proclaiming at the end, New York Cittttyyyy!?!!?!?!!!?!? Anyways, living in  LA has really spoiled me in the weather department because NYC was cold, but I loved it.

It was shocking to see so many skyscrapers lined in rows that never seemed to end, just look at the picture above. Sorry for the shitty pictures, Jonathan borrowed my camera so he could take pictures for a calendar of his ford focus, for a friend that came to visit him from Europe. He basically drove his Focus all over LA to tourist attractions and took pictures of his car in front of beaches, piers, mansions, tourist attractions and so forth. I told him to bring my camera to the airport with him but he forgot it. I was looking forward to taking pictures with my camera that I paid an arm and leg for, so I had to settle with my Iphone. I’m still pretty angry about the situation.


It looks just like how does in the movies but the ceiling has the zodiac symbols sketched on it.

It looks just like how does in the movies but the ceiling has the zodiac symbols sketched on it.


As we walked to our hotel at the Grand Hyatt which is a fabulous and accommodating hotel for the anyone traveling to NYC, we instantly were staring at Union Station. Our hotel was situated right on top of Union Station and even had its personal subway entrance (which came in handy). Our hotel just spewed SEX and youth! The decor of the hotel reminded Jonathan of True Blood for some odd reason. I should have taken a picture of the hotel but it didn’t dawn on me for some reason.

I wish we had something similar to their system.

I wish we had something similar to their system.


The subway system is something that I’m jealous that we don’t have in LA. We do have the metro stations but it really doesn’t take you everywhere, like it does in NYC. Once you walk downstairs you instantly get hit with this pungent smell that you’re really not use to, if you’re not from NYC. In the beginning it took us awhile to understand how the rail system worked but we got the hang of it, especially after we downloaded the NYC subway app on our iphones, which I strongly recommend to anyone. It told us when the next train was coming and told us what lines to take, it was just the best. I don’t know how people manage without it fifty years ago.

There are entirely way too many people in this small amount of space.

There are entirely way too many people in this small amount of space.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year


Jonathan all bundled up. He didn't like the chilly winds that blew constantly at night.

Jonathan all bundled up. He didn’t like the chilly winds that blew constantly at night.


The first restaurant  we ate at in NYC.

The first restaurant we ate at in NYC.

Jonathan selected our first restaurant we ate at in hell’s kitchen. The place was okay, no one was in there when we walked in. We were welcomed to a waitress sitting on the table reading a book. The dinning area was no bigger than a master bedroom in a house in LA but it was three-stories tall. I guess the bar was on the second level and I have no clue what was on the third. The waitress was extremely welcoming and pleasant, A+ for her!!!! Two nights later we went to a gay-club that was next door to this establishment. Can I talk about the gay-club real quick. I have never been around such fun and nice bartenders ever!!!! We made great conversations and the bartenders refilled our liquor for FREE!!!! I’m not even joking, they would refill our drinks as if were water. We went to a club before the one I’m talking about now and I didn’t really like it because they were having some show. I asked the bartender there about other possible bars/clubs to try and he gave me a map of the bars and told me his suggestions.

Jonathan cleaning the streets of NYC.

Jonathan cleaning the streets of NYC.

As we walked the streets of NYC, I noticed numerous heaps of trash that sitting on the streets. In the city, they just throw their bags of trash on the streets and the trash man will pick up the next day. I saw a pair of tourist place their Hello-Kitty doll in the heap of trash and take a picture of it.

This was near Rockefeller Center.

This was near Rockefeller Center.


Just posing near some balls.

Just posing near some balls.


Standing in front of the infamous Radio City Hall

Standing in front of the infamous Radio City Hall



Xmas Joy!!!

Xmas Joy!!!



Every picture I posted today is basically what we did the first night we landed in NYC. We just walked around NYC casually as if we were native New Yorkers. Let me tell you, there are so many tourist in this city and so many people taking pictures, sometimes I felt bad for the people that actually live in the city. Could you imagine dealing with tourist stopping on the sidewalk and just taking a random picture, while you’re just trying to go to the local drug store to pick up a box tampons? After we snapped this last picture we decided to head back to our hotel because we didn’t get much sleep, especially because Jonathan worked NYE and got at LAX around 430 am.


I will post more pictures later and I will tell Jonathan to email the pictures he has.



I can’t believe it is September already and so much has changed in the past month. First of all, I got the job and I’m happy about it. I almost feel like a full on adult in this messed up world. Although, I have moved out of the house in West Covina and moved into my Grandfather’s house, I don’t see it as really “moving” out of the house. Does that make any sense? I would love to get a place of my own, but I’m waiting for Jonathan to graduate from school and find a career. I feel things would be easier for both of us, if we both have careers, so we won’t struggle with the bills and what not. When I was younger, I didn’t think I would still be under the same roof as my family members at this age. At least, I finally get to do something that I’ve wanted to do for the longest, travel. But before that, I still have to pay off some bills and grab a few essential items I need for this new place I call a home. I have to make this house livable to my standards, which isn’t much. I just need to get a new set of bedsheets for this king size bed, dvd player, and maybe a DVR.I recently had to purchase the “internet” because this house didn’t have it. I felt like I was living in the dark ages, after a week without it, I couldn’t take it anymore. I started looking up the cheapest providers and called them up as soon as possible. I even had to buy my very first laptop for myself. I didn’t care about owning my own before, because I would just use the house desktop and that was perfectly fine. Now, that i have my macbook pro, I can’t imagine living without it. I could stay in my room and surf the internet all day and night. I feel like a total nerd because I’m use to going out and having fun with other humans. I enjoy staying home and playing with this new toy that I have.

You guys remember this night?

 I was looking through some old pictures yesterday and found these.  I know the quality isn’t the best but I thought I should share them.  That was a fun night.  If I’m not mistaken I believe this is the night we set some paper towels on fire!?

  Well I just thought I should share them and to let you all know that I am thinking about all of you.

Blogging it Up


Let me start off apologizing for the post before this. I was trying to get familiar with the website and what not. I wanted to blog weeks ago but time is just not on my side. I’ve been terribly busy with my work schedule and trying to fit in sleep somewhere in the day. I haven’t had an off day since June 29 and I’m afraid to think that my body and mind is getting used to it. I really shouldn’t complain about the situation.  So, I only have three more weeks left with the teaching job and getting nervous about the whole thing. I was given a final interview with the director of curriculum at the corporate office and I think it went okay. My nerves get the best of me when I’m interviewing with anyone in administration. I don’t know what it is but I  need to get over this. He told me he will talk to the regional and lead supervisors and discuss my future. It’s hard to tell if I will get the job because I’m going against at least three other people and supervisor loves everyone (I think). I”m always my worst critic and always think negatively about these things. I think it’s just easier that way, just in case if I don”t get offered the job permanently. I was given a call from another school district asking if I wanted to come in for an interview for a subbing position. That seems to be the only position I can land so far. Don’t get me wrong, be a substitute would be great, it’s just that I want to be full time, so I can quit my retail job. I’m over the whole retail job. I don’t know how or why I stayed this long. I think I vented enough about the job situation.


I began watching the Olympics and I love it. LOVE!!!! Summer is the worst season of all but at least every four years, I have the Olympics to look forward to. For some reason this year, the athletes are gorgeous. mmmMMMhhhHH…… One in particular, Ryan Lochte!!! He makes me feel like an adolescent schoolgirl daydreaming about her pop star crush. He is extremely dreamy and charming. I wanted to post a picture of him but I don’t want to get sued. LOL…. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic with that, but you never know. It’s not like I’m rolling in the dough. I am however rolling in pennies. So there are hours of Olympic games on my DVR as we speak. I feel so manly and butch. Oh yeah, you should feel a little jealous at the moment. POW!!!


I recently saw Ted at the Ipic movie theater in Pasadena. Overall it was a fun experience, it was a little pricey but I think it was worth it. I felt like I was sitting in one of those rappers personal movie theaters on the MTV show Cribs. There was plenty of space for my long legs. I was able to recline in a comfortable position as if I were home. I was waited by a server and was given free popcorn. If I wanted to have dinner they had a menu and would have brought it to me at my seat. I enjoyed the fact that there weren’t any children to interrupt my movie experience. Did I mention that Jonah Hill was in the same theater as me? He was on a date with some blonde chick. He ordered a bottle of champagne for them to enjoy. For two tickets alone, it came out to fifty dollars. I wouldn’t come to this theater every time I wanted to see something, but I would come again. I might go see the new Batman movie here, especially since the movie is three hours long.  Ted on the other hand was just an okay movie. It was cute and it had it’s share of knee-slapper scenes and jokes. I just felt that people over-hyped the movie. I was disappointed about it. DAM PEOPLE!!!! Maybe myself sense of humor is different from them. One scene I found funny is the part when the kid got punched in the face. I literally continuously kept laughing after the scene was well over. It was that funny. The way the kid got punched and how he fell towards the ground, was the best.


In every post I will promise some sort of picture with it because I feel pictures make the post better. Don’t you think? So the picture I decided to post is a picture of some ladies that are close to my heart. I miss each one in the picture (some more than others)…..just kidding. I enjoy them equally the same. Don’t parents have to say the same thing about their children? So…..I’m just kidding. I do enjoy them. Two of them moved to some place that Google maps won’t locate for me when I ask. I’m starting to think they really moved to Victorville and are to embarrassed to tell me the truth (as if I would Judge). I’m kidding once again. The other two live in town but we never see each other. What is that all about. Once I have some off time, I’ll start getting in contact with those two and forcing them to hangout with me.

Time to turn on my television and watch the games. GO AMERICA!!!!


Summer Nights

already missing my girls!

The title says it all.  Muah!!!


See you guys Monday!

And here we GOOOOO!!!!! (*Joker Voice)

After several weeks of asking for a blog, we finally get one. I’m thrilled that we are  blogging because I believe it will be an exciting outlet to peek in each others lives.


I was discussing that two of my friends were moving to North Dakota next week and a coworker mentioned that her friend moved there last year for a job. My coworker told me her friend hated it at first because there were several issues that she faced. She said her friend was “culture shocked” especially with the food. Apparently the food is completely different? I don’t know, I just shook my head and agreed with the girl. She also said that the people in North Dakota are nice but weird. I have no clue what she meant by weird. I mean, I know people in Los Angeles are said to be “rude” but I feel we are short with people because we are impatient and always on the go. We gotta make that MONEY….HONEEYYYY!!!!! To quote the infamous and talented Miss Honey Boo Boo, “That DOLLA MAKE ME HOLLLAA!!!” Anyways, the girl told me her friend eventually ended up liking it but she moved back to California the following year. Although Ashley and Crystal are moving next week, for a couple years, I know you guys will eventually move back. I will miss our late night talks at your house and all the other crazy crap we did together. Those will be memories that I will never forget but now you have to share your new experiences on this blog. Inform me about your new lives in North Dakota and hopefully the other ladies will blog about their lives as well.

to some of the best people i’ve ever known

This time next week, I will be nearly arriving at my new home in North Dakota. I will be exhausted and grumpy after traveling for three days with a car full of cats. I will be miserable because I have to leave the southern California I love to live in North Dakota for the foreseeable future. But mostly I will be desperately, unfathomably sad because I have to leave three of the best people I have ever known.

Though I’ll see them a couple times before I leave, I wanted to take the time to say a proper goodbye on paper, so to speak, before the panic packing and absolutely abject terror of leaving takes over. HERE WE GO.

Dear Bryce, Kristin, and Miriam,

I keep starting this over because I feel like I can’t put the words together quite right. You guys are my best friends, THE best friends, the best friends I’ve ever had. You’re interesting and smart and you have all these different skills and talents and characteristics that have made you so valuable to me all these years. And now I don’t get to have those things and the people containing them just down the street from me anymore. No more impromptu dinners, no more unexpected visits, no more midnight shows or pool parties. At least not for a long while. And that’s… unacceptably sad.

Who will listen to me babble about movies and tv and comics that you don’t really care about? Who will laugh at my jokes? Who will ask me about my writing and encourage me to keep doing it even when I’m an egomaniacal terror who can’t even show it to you? Who will be excited about my observations on new people? (“I can’t WAIT to hear what you have to say about her…”) Who will celebrate my accomplishments? Who will drink too strong drinks out of bowls with me? Who will Who will I party with? Back waxing and boudoir photo parties? Thug dancing? What am I supposed to DO?

It’s been so many years now… 19 and, like, 12. I don’t remember what it was like to NOT have the three of you in my life. And I’m so grateful for that. And really annoyed and depressed that you won’t be down the street anymore.

You’re not just my friends, you’re part of my family. My parents and sister love you, Crystal considers you family. You’re three of the most important people in my life. Who else is going to go to our high school in the dark and take pictures while acting like complete idiots? No one. Because no one else has that history, no one else knows me in the same bone deep way.

I figured I was in it with you guys for the long haul a long time ago — if you can know people in high school and know the drama and the stupid idiocy of that age and grow through it and beyond it together, if you can stick it out through college… You’re bound to stick it out for life, right? And remembering what I was like in high school… If you guys put up with that? Clearly there’s little I could do to drive you away from me. And that’s the way I like it.

So, before this turns into my senior will, I just want to say thank you. For being my friends and putting up with my bullshit and being a family that I chose and for finding my friendship valuable enough to hold on to for all these years. Because few people are this lucky, to have one friend this close for this long is almost impossible, but to have three? I don’t know what I did to deserve you all, but it must have been incredible.

Love, Ash